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Remote Desktop Support Service Agreement

Thank you for your interest in setting up a remote desktop support service with one of our experienced technicians. We look forward to assisting you in resolving your computer or networking issue.
If you would like to proceed with this process, please read our Remote Desktop Services Agreement below and acknowledge your agreement by submitting the required information below.
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Remote Desktop Services Agreement
This agreement is between Cyberscape and it's representatives and the client signing and purchasing the remote desktop service provided by Cyberscape. It is also understood that the term "we" refers to Cyberscape and it's representatives as presented in this agreement. It is further understood that the terms "client," "I," and "you" represent the client agreeing to and purchasing Cyberscape's remote desktop support services.
We offer a 14 day guarantee on all our services and a complimentary follow up and rescan (if necessary) on all viral and malware removal services.
You agree to allow a Cyberscape representative permission to remotely access your computer to address and resolve the issue that you have requested. Client understands and accepts the fact that this will involve accessing various areas of your system configuration including accessing certain files and folders if deemed necessary and the downloading of various programs for the purposes of diagnosis and repair as necessary.
If there is malware or viruses that are suspected of infesting your system, you agree to allow the representative of Cyberscape permission to run and scan various programs to scan , detect and repair, remove or repair the infected file as the representative deems necessary. It is further understood and accepted by the client that there is always the possibility that certain files or programs may be beyond repair or cleaning from a malware or viral infection and must be deleted or removed from system and not hold the representative of Cyberscape liable or at fault for performing such action.
It is understood and accepted by client that there will be no accusations made that a Cyberscape representative intentionally took any document, program or personal information from your system during the course of our support session.
We have the right to refuse service should we become aware of any illegal, fraudulent or offensive activity or material brought to our attention during the course of our remote service on your system.
We are more than happy to provide professional advice regarding the use of various software and practical advice on the operation of your system, however,we cannot be held liable for any potential damage resulting from the use or misuse of any advice given.





By submitting the required information below, I agree to Cyberscape's terms and conditions as stated above.


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